Community Initiatives

Dar Maimouna School renovation project

Maymouna Bint Al Harith School is located in the city of Jeddah, Eastern Parks District (Quwaiza)
The school lacks the most basic education basics, as it lacks safety and security standards
The association repainted and renovated classrooms, improved corridors, and changed the school grounds.

Capacity : 150 students
Number of classes : 7 classes
School Area : 238.5 square meters

Suqia Hajj Initiative
The “Suqia Hajj” project is one of the society’s community projects during the Hajj in 1440 AH, from which 180,000 pilgrims benefited, as it aims to water the pilgrims of the Sacred House of God by providing water bottles in accordance with the hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him: “The best charity is watering.”


Student clothing initiative

The student clothing project is one of the association’s programs that aim to provide boys and girls ’clothing, shoes and school bags with all their requirements. The project benefited 250 children from the association’s families.

Fasting breakfast initiative

Based on the hadith of the Chosen One, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “Whoever breaks the fast, he will have a reward similar to his reward.” This initiative aimed to provide breakfast meals for those fasting during the blessed month of Ramadan, as they were served in the form of hot and dry meals, in the Holy Mosque of Mecca in 1440 AH.


Home renovation game for needy families "Make it fit for life"

This initiative is one of our most important projects for 2020, and it is an initiative to restore and furnish 30 homes by the end of the year to alleviate the suffering of those in need and enable them to live in decent and comfortable housing.

  • This initiative aims to restore 30 houses, at an estimated cost of each house (25,000), and only twenty thousand riyals.

  • Priority for families with school-age children to enjoy a home that helps them study and provides them with an appropriate healthy environment.

  • After renovating the house, it will be provided with electrical appliances suitable for the family's needs.

  • Finding a source of income for the head of the family and training him to perform the work.

So that the family does not return to the same previous situation

Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah reported: that a man from the Ansar came to the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - to ask him, and he said: “Is there anything in your house?” He said: Yes, we wear some of it, and we spread some of it and a bottom where we drink water, he said: “Bring them to me. Then they were brought to him, and the Messenger of God - may God bless him and grant him peace - took them in his hand, and said: “Who buys these two?” A man said: I take them for a dirham. He said: “Who is more than a dirham?” Two or three times, a man said: I take them for two dirhams, and he gave them to them, so he took the two dirhams, and al-Ansari gave them, and said: “Buy one of them food, so take it to your family, and buy the other one next. Then he brought it to me, so he brought it, and the Messenger of God - may God bless him and grant him peace - pulled a stick in his hand, then said: “Go, chop, sell, and I will not show you fifteen days.” So the man went to chop and sell, so he came, and he hit ten dirhams, so he bought some of them A garment and some of it food.

"Let's protect them"

This initiative is currently under implementation and aims to restore and install barriers on the stairs in Kilo 14 to protect children from falling.