Membership Registration

Member Registration Guide

How to apply for membership:

Applications for membership in the association are submitted through the following:

  1. Fill out an application form to obtain it through the association’s website or receive it from the main office of the association in Al Serafi Mega Mall.
    • Attach a CV.
    • Personal Photos .
  2. The application is presented to the Board of Directors.
  3. A decision is issued by the Chairman of the Board of Directors accepting membership.

Note: We kindly ask you to send your CV and personal photo to the following e-mail:

Membership conditions:

The following association member must:

  1. He must be a Saudi national.
  2. He must have completed eighteen years of age.
  3. He must be fully legally competent.
  4. That he has not been convicted of a crime involving breach of honor or trust, unless he has been rehabilitated.
  5. He must have paid the minimum annual subscription

Types of memberships:

  1. Diamond membership 5000 Saudi riyals
  2. Gold membership 1000 Saudi riyals
  3. Worker membership 300 Saudi riyals
  4. Affiliate membership 100 Saudi riyals

* Affiliate member is excluded from the first and second conditions.

Loss of membership:

  • A member loses the association in one of the following cases:
  • Death, God forbid.
  • Withdrawing from the association with a written request.
  • If he loses one of the membership conditions mentioned in the membership conditions.
  • If he has intentionally inflicted severe damage to the association, whether material or moral, and that is estimated by the board of directors.
  • If he is late in paying the subscription for a period of (six months) from the beginning of the association’s fiscal year after being notified by a letter to the address on it, a decision by the board of directors will be issued to lose the membership.
  • It is not permissible for a member during his membership period or after losing it to recover what was paid to the association in terms of subscriptions, donations or gifts, whether in cash or in kind, and whatever the reasons, and this applies to his legal and legal heirs.

Membership obligations:

  • member of the association is committed to the following:
  • Fulfilling the obligations arising from his membership in the association and carrying out the duties stipulated in this system and the association’s bylaws.
  • Adherence to the decisions of the General Assembly and the decisions of the Board of Directors.
  • Inform the association in writing of the amendments that happen to the address registered with us.