Jeddah Oyoun Association hosts the anti-begging office to celebrate the International Children's Day

Jeddah Eye Association hosted on Thursday 28/11 the children recovering from begging in Jeddah to celebrate the International Day of the Child in order to activate an initiative launched by the Office for Combating Begging (Together We Rise), where the child was introduced to his rights and focused on the ninth principle of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which stipulates that the child should enjoy To protect against the collection of images of neglect, cruelty and exploitation. It is prohibited to trade in any form.

And it is prohibited in all cases to force him to work or leave him to work in any profession or profession that harms his health or education or hinders his physical, mental or moral development such as begging, and the director of the association, A. Ghada Al-Maattani, confirmed that Jeddah Oyoun Association is keen to raise societal awareness, especially for this group and to correct Their concepts of life with dignity, as the supervisors of the Activities and Programs Committee at the Office of Combating Begging revived this initiative and publicized their services, as well as the services provided by the Jeddah Eye Association. We organized competitions and targeted entertainment games and provided the children with dinner to be deposited at half past seven.